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 Otter Pro Sleds

Otter Sport Sleds

Otter Wild Sled Combo


At Otter, we believe than an exceptional sled requires a superior manufacturing process. 
That's why we Roto-Mold every Otter Pro and Otter Sport Sled.  Unlike other plastic molding processes  like thermoforming and blow molding, (which are commonly used in manufacturing children's sleds)
roto-molding results in a much more durable sled with seamless parts and uniform wall thickness. 
Our process also distributes more material in the corners to absorb shocks and stresses where they
occur most.  Since the material isn't stressed during production (as in thermoforming or pressure-forming), the finished part is stronger and more reliable.  At Otter, it's not just another sled, it's our reputation!

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