Otter® Introduces New X-Over Series of Thermal Ice Shelters

The toughest, strongest and warmest shelters on ice are now the most versatile as well. Otter’s new X-Over (“Cross Over”) flip-style ice shelters convert from traditional front-door entry to convenient side-door entry – and back again – in seconds. New EZ Lock Frame Assembly innovation reduces the time to initially assemble a X-Over shelter frame by 75 percent.

“No matter how you like to fish on the ice, we’ve got you covered with the new X-Over series,” says Otter National Sales Manager Troy Tufto. “We give you both options – you can fish traditionally out of the front door like you’re used to; or in seconds, you can convert to complete side-door entry and exit. That is on top of all the great features that have made us who we are – oversized square-tube framing, Patent Pending Otter ThermalTec shell, above-sled seating and a made-in-the-USA RotoMolded sled.”

Otter’s innovative new Patent Pending Quick-Switch frame allows the easy conversion from traditional front door to side-door entry. “You can convert to side entry and back again to traditional in seconds,” Tufto says. After setting up a X-Over shelter in the traditional flip-up manner, side-entry is enabled by simply reconnecting a frame post from the main hub to a connector on the bottom frame, re-positioning away from obstructing the zippered side door.

“We have spent the last year engineering a new way to make a side-entry fish house,” Tufto recalls. “We were confident we could build a series that had both the innovation and durability that Otter is know for.”

Most important, Tufto says, was ensuring ease of use. “One of the main factors in our engineering process was that it sets up just like a traditional fish house,” he says. “Anyone who’s ever fished out of a flip-style shelter won’t have to worry that it will be difficult to set up. There’s absolutely no difference.”

Ice anglers fishing with friends will especially appreciate the X-Over series’ side-entry option. “Since you both have your own door, you’ll both have more fishing area in front of you,” Tufto explains.  “You don’t need to leave a pathway out of the front; you’re not crawling through your gear, through your fishing holes, through your flasher, through your heater. You’ve got unencumbered entrance and egress.”

Another innovative feature of the new X-Over series is the EZ Lock Assembly technology, which eliminates framing screws and reduces frame-assembly time by 75%.

“We used to have 40-some pieces for the frame in the hardware pack – now the frames are coming 80 percent pre-assembled in the box and we’ve eliminated the use of sheet-metal screws during assembly,” Tufto says. “That really wows people. Now we not only have strongest frame on the market, we have the easiest-to-assemble as well.”

X-Over shelters are available in two models – Otter XT Pro X-Over and Otter XT X-Over. XT Pro X-Over models feature Patent Pending Otter ThermalTec Triple Layer Insulated 1,200 Denier Shell, Deluxe Padded and Swivel Bucket seats and an Otter Pro Sled. XT X-Over models feature Patent Pending Otter ThermalTec Triple Layer Insulated 600 Denier Shell, Flip-Up Padded Bench seating and an Otter XT Sled. Both XT X-Over and XT Pro X-Over models are offered in four sizes – Cottage, Cabin, Lodge and Resort.

Each model and size feature the new Quick Switch Frame, EZ Lock technology and side-entry doors in addition to Otters 4S’s of game-changing innovative features, which are:
·     ThermalTec Insulated Shell – Otter’s patent-pending insulated shell stops wind and blocks light. The triple-layer system offers outstanding thermal qualities and virtually eliminates internal condensation.
·     Xtreme Duty Square Tube Framing – The key to an Otter shelter’s sturdiness is it’s heavy-duty, oversized square tube aluminum frame, integrated with anodized receiver tubes with an ultra-glide system.
·     Above-Sled Seating – All seating is mounted above the sled to maximize cargo access and capacity.
·     RotoMolded sled – Made in the USA and designed for cold weather and extreme conditions.

About Otter Outdoors   
Otter Outdoors ice fishing gear is well known in the industry for consistent durability, inventive design and an unyielding passion to remain the brand of choice for the serious ice angler. It all started more than two decades ago with the legendary Otter sled. Since then, Otter Outdoors® has led the pack in product innovations and quality, stemming from an obsession for the sport of ice fishing and a relentless passion for excellence. Visit

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