Varsity Pro Staff Application

Welcome to the Varsity Pro Staff Application. As a Varsity Pro Staffer, you will have an incredible opportunity to learn inside information about the ice fishing industry via a social media platform where you can connect with other Varsity Pro Staff as well as be mentored by our very own Professional Pro Staff Team. At Otter, we envision members of the Varsity Pro Staff will engage in ice fishing contests in your communities, participate in High School Angling programs, and/or be known in your families and social groups to be a very passionate ice fisherman/woman who always seems to be finding time to get out on the ice. We will then highlight the results of your fishing experiences throughout the ice fishing industry.

To apply, please complete the information below. We are excited for you to be on this journey with us.

  1. Submit a short-paragraph (160-word maximum) explaining your passion for fishing
  2. Include your favorite fishing photo. You can also include a link to a short video (less than 1 minute), that helps demonstrate your passion for fishing.
  3. Consider sharing that you applied on social media #OtterVarsityProStaff to inspire others to share their fishing stories.