Glen Talbot

Favorite Otter Product(s):XT PRO Lodge, Sportsman's Caddy, 3-Pocket Cargo Net
Favorite Bodies of Water:Lake of the Woods, Lake Winnipeg, Winnepeg River
Favorite Species:Walleye & Lake Trout
Quote:"Stay calm, Fish on"




A native of Southern Manitoba, Canada, Glen has been battling fish since he was just a boy.  Glen has a true zest for life, and enjoys everything that nature has to offer. An avid outdoorsman, Glen is a big game hunter, but is also a well-known hardcore angler in both open and hard water.  As a proud and active member of WAAM (Walleye Anglers Association of Manitoba) he can often be found experimenting with his “out of the tackle box” techniques on Pelican Lake, Lake Winnipeg, and Lake of the Woods with family and friends.  Seeing a smile on a child’s face when they reel in a fish is always enough to warm up Glen on even the coldest days.  Glen enjoys the camaraderie of the sport, and is always willing to lend a helping hand to a fellow angler with guidance or advice whenever he can.  The next time you’re out on the lake, listen for the loudest laugh, or look for the biggest smile, and we are sure you will find Glen.


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[Q: 287] [C: 0] [T: 2.069]