Jason Revermann

Favorite Otter Product(s):Otter Sportsman's Case, Otter Sportsman’s Caddy and Otter XT Pro Cabin or this year it will be the Otter XT Pro X-over Cabin
Favorite Bodies of Water:Big Birch Lake and Lake Mille Lacs
Favorite Species:Walleye, Crappie
Quote:The fish are always biting somewhere!




Ice fishing runs in his veins. Jason has been ice fishing all his life, first learning and now mastering the fine art of seeking out fish away from the crowds. At a very early age Jason started grabbing that old blue hand auger and punching holes where no one else had gone. Always seeking out and learning about new tools, technology and techniques that turn more fish into biters and not just marks on the locator.  All fish are fair game but walleyes are what he seeks most. Jason has a knack for picking apart any body of water and seeking out hot walleye and panfish bites! Today Jason enjoys sharing his knowledge with other ice enthusiasts on the web and out on the ice by taking out friends, family and clients to new areas across central Minnesota. Jason is also a regular contributor to the Outdoor News website writing blogs about hunting, fishing, and just enjoying the great outdoors.

Jason is the Head Coach of the Outdoor News Junior Pro Team where he encourages youth to get involved in hunting, fishing and everything outdoors, and he also owns and manages J Rev Outdoors. He spends much of his time on the ice and water but can also be found working sport show booths for Otter Outdoors, Ice Force, Tuned Up Custom Rods, Outdoor News, Outdoor News Junior Pro Team and more.


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