Jennifer Pudenz

Favorite Otter Product(s):OTTER XTH PRO RESORT
Favorite Bodies of Water:IOWA PONDS AND SMALL LAKES
Favorite Species:CRAPPIES (ICE), BASS (OPEN)
Quote:Every master was once a beginner




Starting out as a little girl on the ice or on the water with family, Jennifer Pudenz grew up with a love for the outdoors that included a fascination for fish. Once older and becoming an avid bowhunter, her spring and fall seasons are spent in the woods, leaving winter and summer as an important time to squeeze in as much fishing as she can. Because of this, ice fishing has become more and more of a part of Jennifer’s life, mainly chasing panfish for the freezer to last through most of the year. In the summer, her passion is bass fishing with slow presentations of soft plastics, as she loves to really feel the fish and pull off a big hook set. You can often find her kayak fishing as well.

Professionally, by age 25, Jennifer was the editor of The Iowa Sportsman and Family Fish & Game magazines. In 2014, Jennifer founded ADVENTURESS, which is currently the only magazine specifically for women who hunt and fish. She uses this as a platform to promote women in the outdoors by highlighting good outdoor women role models, providing information and a sense of community for outdoor women, as well as helping to support women outdoor writers and photographers. Growing up without knowing of any other women hunters or anglers, Jennifer finds it extremely important to continue to have ADVENTURESS available as a free resource for anyone to read.


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