Maggie Carsello

Favorite Otter Product(s):XT Pro X-Over Lodge
Favorite Bodies of Water:Madison Chain of Lakes, Wisconsin River, Star lake
Favorite Species:Walleye & Perch
Quote:“It’s those silly dreams that keep us alive!”




Born into a family as the youngest of three girls, Maggie was her father’s last hope of having a fishing buddy. That’s exactly what she became! She tagged along on every fishing adventure she could, whether it was all the way to Canada or right down the road. It was never pushed on her, she simply loved it. In fact, she realized her true passion for the sport when she went off to college at UW-Stevens Point. In a small town where it seems as though everyone is studying either forestry or fisheries, it’s easy to find friends who share the same love for the outdoors. Those were the same friends who quickly made her realize her love for bass fishing. When she found herself watching Palomar Knot tutorials while she was supposed to be doing homework, and doodling pictures of largemouth during lectures, she knew this was something she wanted to do forever! However, winters in the Midwest can get pretty long without fishing. If only there was a way to fish all year long… That’s when Maggie was introduced to ice fishing! Although it was new to her, she really enjoys learning new things and knew she loved it from the first time she heard someone yell, “Tip-Up!” Realizing she could do it from the warmth of an Otter helped a lot too. 


Maggie shares her fishing adventures on her social media accounts and has slowly acquired a following that continues to grow. She started doing it simply because she had fun with it. She quickly realized what a powerful tool social media is and has grown to love inspiring others to get outdoors. Maggie is the first to admit that she isn’t a professional and still has a lot to learn! However, she is eager to do so and to help her audience learn along with her. 


Maggie’s favorite fish to target in open water are smallmouth and largemouth bass. Her favorite fish to target through Hardwater are walleyes and perch. She is yet to catch a lake trout through the ice and is hoping to do so this coming season! 


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