Melissa Lindsay

Favorite Otter Product(s):Otter Vortex Pro Resort & Pro-Tech 40 Deep Rod Case
Favorite Bodies of Water:Any lake in the Duck Mountains
Favorite Species:Bass, Crappie, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout
Quote:There's always time for one more cast!


Melissa is a passionate outdoors enthusiast with a penchant for exploration, camping, hunting, and, of course, fishing. Accompanied by her faithful Irish Setter, Little Ann, she embraces every adventure that the great outdoors has to offer.

As a versatile photographer working within the outdoor industry, Melissa’s lens captures the essence of her experiences, showcasing the beauty of nature and the thrill of outdoor pursuits. Her portfolio includes collaborations with renowned brands in the outdoor industry, where her unique perspective and skill behind the camera bring these brands to life.

When asked about her favorite species to target, Melissa identifies as a multi-species angler who thrives on variety. She relishes stepping out of her comfort zone, implementing different techniques, and exploring her picturesque province in pursuit of a hot bite. Whether on the ice, in a boat or kayak, or nestled along a riverbank, Melissa’s passion shines through, with a particular fondness for ice fishing and ice camping.

Beyond her personal pursuits, Melissa dedicates time to volunteering and assisting in the education and guidance of novice anglers. Her commitment extends to instilling confidence in newcomers as they learn the art of fishing. With an unwavering love for the outdoors and a talent for photography, Melissa continues to leave an indelible mark on the vibrant tapestry of the outdoor industry.


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