Shannon Kruse

Favorite Otter Product(s):Otter XT Pro Lodge, Otter XT Hideout, Otter XTH Lodge
Favorite Bodies of Water:Big Sandy Lake, Lake of the Woods, Red Lake
Favorite Species:Walleye & Crappie
Quote:"Don’t do the same thing and expect a different result."





I started by tromping the culverts, docks and frozen lakes around the Cambridge/Isanti area in Minnesota as a very young lad.  When our family acquired our first low budget boat it seemed like the possibilities were endless, and this turned out to be the catalyst to my fishing career.  I figured out how inexpensive it was to introduce kids and adults to fishing, and I now have my own family of three and attempt to be the best weekend warrior in the state of Minnesota.  I spend most of my time in the McGregor/Palisade area fishing walleye and crappies and a fair amount of time both winter and spring at Lake of the Woods fishing the big lake and the river for walleye and sturgeon.  You will also see me running around on Red Lake, proving it to be the next big thing in Minnesota.  I pride myself on utilizing the local establishments to eat and shop when I travel to fish.


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[Q: 287] [C: 0] [T: 3.365]