Frequently Asked Questions

Shelters traveling in the back of trucks/trailers and even across ice can experience vibration. We suggest using blue Loctite to help eliminate and prevent screws from prematurely loosening.

The sport sled does not have pockets molded in the sled for the hyfax runners.   Hyfax runners are not an option for these sleds.

No.  The XT Pro X-Over series package comes with the cross link rail system and the individual cushion seat with base and brackets and is only available in this configuration out of the box.   If you would like a bench seat you can make that purchase separately to use in your fish house.

No, the Otter Wild sleds are a legacy product that have been replaced by Otter Pro Sleds.

Replacement parts are available by calling Otter Customer Service at 1-877-466-8837.

Fabric may be cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent solution.  Make sure to completely dry fabric when finished.  It is not recommended to use a washing machine or dryer.

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Care must be taken during use of the shelter.  Try to avoid packing anything on top of the canvas while traveling and storing.  When folding up the framework, do not allow the fabric to become pinched between the hinge brackets and poles.  Do not allow the fabric to come in contact with your heat source.   Always dry out the fabric after every use and before storing.

The best way to insure against damage caused by mice, rodents, mold, etc. is to store the canvas separately from the sled base.  Make sure the canvas is completely dry then remove and place in a sealed plastic container for storage.

You can create an account, or login to your account for maintenance by navigating to our My Account page. From your account dashboard you can view your recent orders, manage your shipping and billing addresses and edit your password and account details.

You measure the sled outside of the lip length & width.  The measurements on the sleds can be found on our website to determine the model, size and accessories. In addition, if you select a product in our store and do not see the product you are trying to accessorize in the drop down menu, that specific product is not available at this time.

The fish house is not water proof, they are water resistant.  Over prolonged exposure to water it will seep through the canvas.

All Otter Shelters are equipped with TPU Windows (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) the same material used in high end sports car convertible tops. Our windows offer extreme low-temperature performance, transparency and abrasion resistance.

We offer three models of HUB shelters in our Otter XTH lineup:
#201024 XTH Cabin
#201025 XTH Lodge
#201026 XTH Resort

You can choose from:

Otter XT PRO Packages:
Includes: Otter ThermalTec Shell, FrameWork, Otter Pro Sled, Deluxe Padded Swivel Seat System and Wind Support Poles.

Otter XT Packages:
Includes: Otter ThermalTec Shell, FrameWork, Otter XT Sled, Flip-Up Cushioned Bench Seat and Wind Support Poles.

Otter XT Hideout Package:
Includes: Otter ThermalTec Shell, FrameWork, Otter Wide-Back Sled, and Swivel Mesh Seat.

Otter XTH Hub Shelters:
Includes: Otter ThermalTec Shell, Frame System, Anchor Tie-Down Kit and Deluxe Carry Bag.

Additional Ice Shelter accessories are available for purchase in our online store. These accessories include, but are not limited to: Towing accessories, Storage Accessories, Travel Covers and more.

Our patent pending Full Thermal Triple Layering System is developed specifically for Otter cold weather shelters. The outer shell features minimal through seaming providing outstanding wind and light blocking capabilities. The full thermal quilted inner shell provides higher lofting capabilities, locking in heat and virtually eliminating condensation.

Use light oil such as WD-40 to lubricate the insert poles to help them slide easier.   After applying, operate the poles several times then wipe off excess.  Protect the canvas from the lubricant while applying.  Silicone may be substituted but does not work as well in extreme cold.

Both the Otter XT X-OVER and XT Pro X-OVER Series are fantastic options for ice anglers. The main difference between the XT X-OVER and the XT Pro X-OVER Series can be narrowed down to seating and Thermal-Tec canvas. The XT X-OVER series lineup comes equipped with a flip-up bench seat and has a Thermal-Tec 600 Denier fabric, whereas the XT Pro X-OVER Series is equipped with our Deluxe Padded Swivel Seats and has a Thermal-Tec 1200 Denier fabric.

The only exception to the statement above is with our XT Hideout. The XT Hideout is a one man flip over style house that comes equipped with a Swivel Mesh Seat and a Thermal-Tec 600 Denier.

If you are seeking information on your XT or XT Pro Shelter and you need to know what size sled we previously associated each model with, read below:

XT Cottage = Small Ultra-Wide Sled
XT Pro Cottage = Small Ultra-Wide Sled
XT Cabin = Medium Sled
XT Pro Cabin = Medium Sled
XT Lodge = Magnum Sled
XT Pro Lodge = Magnum Sled
XT Pro Resort = Large Sled

You can find the original instruction manual that shipped with your product by navigating to your desired product in our online store, and selecting the “Download” tab which is located next to “Description” and “Reviews.”

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