Otter ThermalTec

Today’s ice anglers demand high-quality ice fishing gear that performs in some of the most brutal conditions out on the ice. When it comes to ice fishing shelters Otter stands above the competition, and Otter’s patented ThermalTec layering system is one of many key components setting that high bar. 

Otter’s ThermalTec layering system creates a warmer, dryer, and darker shell which is used on all of our current ice fishing shelters. The patent pending layering system consists of three layers; an outside panel, a layer of insulation, and an inner panel. The insulation is attached to the interior layer and the exterior is only seamed in the corners. This system blocks out the wind, holds in the heat, and nearly eliminates light penetration and condensation. 

Otter Outdoors pro-staffer, Jason Revermann, of Outdoor News and J Rev Outdoors spends numerous days running Otter shelters every winter, and here’s what he has to say:

“When it comes to ice fishing I use Otter shelters because they are easy to set up, they keep me, my family, and my clients comfortable and I can rely on them to perform through any conditions the winter sends our way. The Otter ThermalTec shell makes these shelters easy to heat and you can make it dark inside for sight-fishing, but because the interior shell is a light color it is also easy to light it up for fishing at night. One of my favorite things about ThermalTec is that it nearly eliminates all condensation and frosting inside the shelter in even the harshest of conditions; no more condensation dripping on my head. At the end of the day, I can pack up my shelters, which are nearly dry. There are no worries about the fabric freezing together and not being able to use it the next day.”

No matter what style of fishing you enjoy Otter has a shelter for you. With a whole lineup of flip-over and hub-style shelters all standard with an Otter ThermalTec shell, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your needs. Ice camping has become popular and the larger hub-style shelters work great and you can be confident you’ll stay warm and dry even during an extended trip.

Time is limited and oftentimes the weather doesn’t cooperate with our fishing plans. Don’t let the weather restrict your time on the ice. Find an Otter shelter that fits your needs and you’ll spend more time fishing and less time worrying about your shelter. 

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