DATELINE: Maple Lake, Minnesota, August 2019 – “Otter Outdoors is excited to announce the launch of their Varsity Pro Staff. High School students are invited to apply today. Otter Outdoors is inviting students to apply to be a part of this exclusive varsity team. The students selected to be a part of the Varsity Pro  … Read more


The Otter Pro Xtreme Duty LED Light Kit offers true universal placement versatility and the ultimate in illumination options. Brightness and Control:  Two heavy duty rubber encased flat-back light strips offer a maximum 1200 lumens of brightness that is controlled with an in-line dimmer dial that ensures you have the exact amount of light in  … Read more

Otter® Introduces New X-Over Series of Thermal Ice Shelters

The toughest, strongest and warmest shelters on ice are now the most versatile as well. Otter’s new X-Over (“Cross Over”) flip-style ice shelters convert from traditional front-door entry to convenient side-door entry – and back again – in seconds. New EZ Lock Frame Assembly innovation reduces the time to initially assemble a X-Over shelter frame  … Read more


The leaves have turned, the first frost has passed, and ice begins to form on your favorite lake. You are prepared for this moment. You have spent countless hours prepping, organizing and re-organizing your gear. You took the time to get your auger running properly. The battery is charged on your sonar unit. Your hooks  … Read more

Top 5 Otter Accessories For Towing

For most anglers, pulling a sled full of gear or an ice fishing shelter by hand across a snow covered lake is a daunting task. It isn’t uncommon to see many ice anglers pulling their gear by hand when the ice is too thin (as in early or late ice). However, in the midst of  … Read more

Lightweight Heavy-Equipment for Early Ice

Every year, social media goes ablaze with stories and photos from someone who, typically north of the Arctic Circle, is the first to find a glaze of ice that would support their weight for the seconds it took to snap a picture.  As that image makes its way southward, people everywhere are tempted to look  … Read more

Stay Warm, Stay Fishing

If you asked an angler south of the Mason Dixon line to accompany you on an ice-fishing trip, their single greatest concern would be walking on water.  A close second would be staying warm.  It’s a fair concern given that temps, especially in the northern portion of the ice-belt, can be absolutely brutal, and that’s  … Read more