Joel Nelson

Favorite Otter Product(s):Otter XT Lodge, Otter Sportsman's Case, Otter Shelter Hooks
Favorite Bodies of Water:Cedar Lake, Baikal Lake, Cranberry Lake
Favorite Species:Bluegill
Quote:"The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope." -John Buchan




An ice fishing troubadour, Joel has been fishing the bulk of what the ice-belt has to offer for more than 25 years. Advanced degrees in the Natural Sciences, including Fisheries and Digital Mapping Technology allow him to both think like a fish and find them, sharing in print and video the tools necessary to locate new bites on undiscovered bodies of water.  Joel has been cutting against the grain since he used his first flasher (an open-water sonar system modified for ice use) at age 10.  Since then, he’s been a maverick amongst ice-heads, always looking for the next tactic or destination, while putting new spins on old techniques to catch more and bigger fish.

JOEL's Blog Posts

Stay Warm, Stay Fishing

If you asked an angler south of the Mason Dixon line to accompany you on an ice-fishing trip, their single greatest concern would be walking on water.  A close second would be staying warm.  It’s a fair concern given that temps, especially in the northern portion of the ice-belt, can be absolutely brutal, and that’s  … Read more

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